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Cherry Tree Pictures for the Stroop Packaging Design

Cherry Tree Pictures for the Stroop Packaging Design

I got to photograph the cherry trees of the local farm here in Oudsbergen some time ago. They make their own artisanal cherry “stroop” every year and for this years editition, they asked me to take the pictures for the packaging design.

Not familiar with stroop?

For those of you who are not familiar with stroop – it´s kind of a really thick marmalade ? My grandma calls it Latwerg. You get the stroop version of fruit, when you cook it really really long, until you get this super sweet and viscous mass. It´s delicious on bread on it´s own, but let me promise you, it takes your sauces to another level ? Let´s not get completely lost in food thoughts…

Plan vs. reality

So, when they asked me to take the picture for the packaging design, I headed over there immediately. As excited as I was… ?

I did plan a little bit, though! I planned to shoot the trees in the evening sun, just as I had done for the plum-stroop packaging pictures. With the sun setting in the back. I always make sure to check beforehand where the sun will set, when the blue hour starts and how much time I will have to get the shots. If you don´t know how to check those kind of things, be sure to check out the Rolleimoments App! It was such a life changer for me.

The first shots I took, where indeed, what I originally had planned. But the weather changed quickly! From beautiful summer sun, to grey stormy clouds and wind in seconds. Not what I wanted, not, what my weather app had anticipated. ? But! Ultimately that was, what gave the pictures the final touch – I think.

See the small rain drops on the cherry? ?

Sometimes mother nature does not give you, what you want, but what you need it seems ? The colors of the leaves and the cherries were also so beautiful in the dark stormy atmosphere that evening. I am happy that I went there despite the “bad” weather.

What I learned from this shoot

Definitely go out shooting when the weather is not, what you originally had planned! It may give you beautifully unexpected results.

When photographing fruit on trees or in nature in general: take a spray bottle of water with you, to give those fruits some extra shine and add some cute drops of water!

Don´t worry so much about what other people do or think about you. Just do your thing! Let your inner child win from time to time.

In my case: don´t plan too much, just go out and shoot.


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