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My first picture on a packaging

My first picture on a packaging

A few weeks ago my favorite local farmers marked reached out to me and asked, if I could take some pictures for their plum “stroop” label (which is kind of a sirup but then really thick so that you can spread it on bread, or use it as a filling in a cake), because they were not happy with the pictures the design agency put on the label in the first place. I felt really flattered, as this would be the first picture from me to ever be an an actual label. So the next evening, when the sun was really nice, I headed out to their plum orchard to take some pictures.

It seems that taking pictures of plums is not that big of a deal, but I have to admit, that it was really difficult to take pictures where you could actually see that it was plums and not some sort of strange blue pear or blueberries… In the end, I found some good angles and was satisfied with the plum-ness of the pictures. I am really happy that they chose one of my pictures in the end! So here are my plum pictures and the end result of the labels.

If you live in Belgium and maybe even near Genk, you should definitely check out Tievishoeve. They have awesome self made ice cream, fresh raw milk, cheese, vegetables and (as you can see) fruit. If you don’t live nearby you will at least see some more pictures on my blog in the next time, too, because we are working on a lot of advertising/social media picture-material at the moment.

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