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NYC 2016

NYC 2016

I was going through old pictures on my hard drive yesterday and realized, that I haven’t been editing almost all of the “private” pictures I took in the last 4 years. I have tons of pictures hidden on my harddrives and server still… I haven’t even gone through them for sorting.

The last years were really difficult for me, personally. I moved to Belgium, started a new job, learned a new language, was left by my then boyfriend and was all of a sudden in this new life, I had never foreseen. Don’t get me wrong, I am as happy as I have ever been and that is for a large part because I am, where I am right now. I took time for myself, spent days and nights meditating, gardening, walking and thinking about the universe and everything…. but only now, do I realize, that there was a large part of me that I buried with all this stuff going on in my life and that was photography. Slowly, I am feeling the need to trust my dreams again, create, and ultimately publish my photographs again.

So here we are. This is me in New York City 3 years ago. Visiting my family and going to all the beautiful places this wonderful city has to offer, showing my ex-boyfriend all the touristy places you have to see, when going to the big apple for the first time.

If my editing spark strikes again, maybe I will also be able to finally edit the pictures I took from NYC when I was visiting my dear friend Maya from Maya┬┤s Syrup & Jam in 2017.

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