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Last week we spent two days in Zeeland, literally translated to “Sealand”, which is definitely true, everything seems to be at the sea, or really really close – the province is located in the south-west of the Netherlands, only about a 2h drive from where I currently live.

When driving there from the south, you have to cross the Zealandbridge, which is more than 5km long and connects two islands with each other. When we crossed the bridge, we immediately felt like in another world… long sand beaches, barely any people, calmth and a fresh seabreeze. We fell in love!

I was on medication, which meant that we couldn’t spent as much time in the sun, as we wanted to… the photowalks were short, but we enjoyed it so much. We even found a nice little restaurant directly at the beach, with the best goats cheese sandwich I ever had! Of course we also had seafood. The food was really really good, we were wondering if dutch people enjoy eating good food themselves so much, or if we just had luck in picking the right spots to eat. Either way, food lovers will not be disappointed!

We will come back – Zeeland is definitely the right place to go, when in need for some calmness, nature and good food.

Enough talking already…

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