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Analog Austria

Analog Austria

So this is my first entry only with analog pictures! This is kind of funny because I originally started to photograph with an analog camera. I have to say, that it really helped me to understand, what I was doing. I really had to learn what aperture was, and what ISO does and so on… I had a lot of failed films and because I love expired films, I sometimes still do! But those failed films and failed pictures are not decreasing my love for analog photo cameras.

So when Karels family invited me to join them on their vacation in Austria, I packed my Canon 3000 and an Agfa film roll. The weather was lovely! There was so much snow, it was so calm and beautiful. We stayed around Lermoos, that´s mainly a very touristy small town with a lot of apré ski bars. But you can take wonderful walking tours there! And you can ski of course. We also went up to Zugspitze one morning and although the ticket was about 40€ each person (!) it was a breathtaking experience. It reminded me of North Cape in Norway… We also did a tour around the Eibsee, which is just beneath Zugspitze and took us around 2-3 hours walking. The view was changing every other minute – wonderul. I would love to see it in summer once, must be so magical with the turquoise water you could only see tiny bits of now. You really have to go there, if you are around!

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