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Scotland Part II

Scotland Part II

When we dropped of our friend, the weather was still gorgeous and we were curious on what we might see on our adventure. We decided to head to Glenbrittle campsite and finally do a day walk around the campsite and the mountain. We arrived there and the view was just breathtaking, we saw cows and sheep and a beautiful scenery – we felt like in heaven. Karel decided to go hiking somewhere off the trails and I walked until the end of the island and wrote in my small diary book. When I came back, I hunted for mussels and in the evening we ate the best mussels we ever had!

As beautiful as this day started, it ended like hell. We had the worst storm ever, when we were sleeping in our cozy tent there. I decided to sleep in the car and about an hour later Karel followed me, because the tent was flying away. At 5am we both decided to break down our camp and hurry to go somewhere else. We jumped into the car and drove to the Talisker distillery! We were lucky and got a tour and could taste the Whiskey. That was really nice. But when we headed towards north of the isle, the bad weather followed us. The only thing I really really wanted to visit was the man of Storr, but the weather was so bad, that you could not even see your hands in front of your face… as it was getting dark we decided to sleep in the car right at the parking lot of the Storr. But also the next day was full of clouds and fog and nothing to see… I was almost crying and I think Karel had a hard time with me. We headed back to the skye bridge and decided to go back to mainland, following route A890 up north.

Luckily we found a wonderful small hotel at Strathcarron with the best pie I had ever eaten! We stayed there one night and followed the route to Applecross to our final destination in Arrina. In Arrina, we found a beautiful airbnb place at which we stayed for two nights. That gave us the opportunity to explore the surrounding nature by foot and car…

To be honest, we did not really hike at all. We had enough of getting wet all the time and never really see anything. That´s why we decided to slowly head  back to Glasgow, stopping at different airbnb places. The next accommodation we found was in the mountains of Strathpeffer. We never heard of a place like this, so we were really curious. The accommodation seemed like a wonderful place to stay as it was a tiny-house! Karel and me are dreaming of our own tiny-house since we stumbled upon this idea of living about a year ago. So we had to stay there! It really was a wonderful place and we had an incredible time exploring Strathpeffer, who was formerly used as a Spa place. After that, we stayed at an old school house near Perth, there we could hike around in the smaller mountains near by. Back in Glasgow we also had a wonderful stay at Angelas place only 10 minutes away from Glasgow city. We ate in a church pub and had sauna at “our” place for the night. It was the best “last-day” ever.

This was it… that was our Scotland adventure. I hope I could give you a small insight in the beautiful scenery and landscape Scotland has to offer! It really is worth a visit and we will surely come back. We want to explore more of the north of Scotland next time!!!! Have a nice week everybody.

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