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Scotland Part I

Scotland Part I

This is going to be a very long blog post – be aware!

So last month Karel and me spent 12 days in Scotland. Our plan was to rent a car and drive from place to place to spend some days hiking and wild camping. We also wanted to meet a friend we met in finland during our student exchange, who lives in Perth. When we arrived, the weather was shitty and we only had problems. The car was far more expensive, because we both are under 25 years old… BUT we managed it somehow and started our journey.

So we met our friend in Glasgow and spent the first night in a hostel. The next day we headed off to the north. We followed route A82, followed the road to Dalness and ultimately found the most beautiful wild camping place we had ever been near Coalasnacon!

The next day we headed towards the isle of skye. The weather was fantastic and we were so excited! We stopped in Fort William to get some groceries, because we planned to hike for 3-4 days on the isle of skye and continued our journey passing Ben Nevis. As I wanted to see the Harry Potter bridge, we also made a short stop at the Glenfinnan viaduct and monument. It was really worth it… We even got to see the Harry Potter train! (I don´t have a photo, but I will maybe upload a video the next days).

Our plan was to camp on the isle of skye at the end of the day, so we followed the way and made a short stop at the Eilean Donan Castle and at the skye bridge. You cannot imagine how happy the scenery we got to see made me. I felt like a small child and I think that I was screaming and jumping around like one too. But who would not do that with this wonderful nature around?! When we arrived on the isle of skye it was already late evening, so we put up our tents near Broadford, where our friend had to take the bus back home the next morning.

The next day we had to say bye to our friend and wanted to start our hiking adventures on the isle of skye. But… everything came different. More in the next blog post 😉

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  1. Bruce T.


    Greetings from Decatur GA.
    I very much enjoyed your photography and travel blogs.
    Vielen dank!
    Bruce T.



      thank you so much!


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