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03/06/2020 by Family 0

Farm Family Pictures

Farm Family Pictures

A couple of days ago I took pictures of the Tievis family. They have a big farm right here in the village. There, they sell artisanal icecream (made with the milk from their cows), have a farmers market and (when there is no corona) also a restaurant. I really like the sphere there. So if you are ever around, be sure to stop by.

At the moment, we are busy with their new homepage and for this occasion we took some family pictures. There sure had to be a cow involved, and Ties the farm dog, also wanted to join. I was really stunned, that the cow was so good behaved and even went to different locations with us. This was a first for me. 🙂

Big families, or groups like these are always a challenge. Is everyone looking at the camera – does everyone look kind of relaxed – eyes open? Those are only a few of the concerns you have to keep in mind… For this shooting I decided to try out my 135mm lens (again: first time!) and I am really happy how it turned out. I still have to get used to the distance between me and my “subjects”, but practice makes you better, right? 😉

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